Who hasn’t fantasized about spending a quality time in a peaceful, mystical and luxurious resort on an island, most of us might think about this magnificent idea, but how to achieve this challenging task. People across the world have a variety of options related to various travel destinations, but the beauty of Maldives is truly spectacular. Made up of nearly 1,200 small coral islands, it’s a paradise on earth while being the home to the world’s best resorts.  Conrad Rangali Island Resorts offer its travelers a chance to taste its delights.

 Lying in a spectacular and tropical setting somewhere in the Indian Ocean, between two private islands: Rangali and Rangalifinolhu, Conrad Rangali Island is the ultimate romantic destination for couples who are looking to spend time in an ultra-exclusive retreat. With a well-established reputation since 1972, Conrad Rangali Island has a surprising client’s portfolio which includes leisure, activities, accommodations and other amenities.

With seven restaurants and three bars, Conrad Rangali Island is proud to offer the widest culinary choice when it comes to Maldivian dining. The cuisine is both authentic and combined with other cultural elements for diversity; elements like delicious spices from India, cooking methods from Italy and Japan and so on. Besides its breathtaking views and locations, Conrad Rangali Island represents a major cuisine interests for tourists from all over the world; and that due to its very fortunate location: the Indian Ocean.


The Indian Ocean is an excellent provider of seafood for the inhabitants of Maldives, making their traditional dishes very rich in fish meat and omega 3. With seven restaurants and two bars, food lovers can indulge in the finest world class cuisine predominant in seafood and vegetables. That one restaurant, which makes the island an attraction, is called Ithaca. What’s so special about it? Well, you can see your food swimming near you before hitting your plate with seasoning, and that because the restaurant’s walls are made out of thick glass which allows you to see 5m underneath the sea in a 360 degrees view.


Planning a vacation is a task which considers a lot of attention, especially if you want to go on an exotic island and spend less than a millionaire. Before taking your office leave, take some time to do some research in the touristic area. See what opportunities of transport you have, what type of accommodations you can find, where you can eat good food at low prices and what recreational options are on the list of the resort you choose to stay in.

With a well-established reputation since 1972, Conrad Rangali Island’s portfolio surprises every traveler who looks for an ultra-exclusive retreat offering the utmost regarding privacy. With seven restaurants and three bars, Conrad Rangali Island offers the widest choice of Maldivian dining. The cuisine is authentic and combined with other cultural elements for diversity. In-room dining is available around the clock.

Conrad Rangali Island is known among tourists for its undersea restaurant called Ithaa, the single one built in the whole world. This all-undersea glass restaurant is set 5 meters underneath the waves, besides the coral reef, and offers tourists a 360-degree view of the surrounding habitat of the Indian Ocean.