Open on the 1st of December 2012, Mulia villas are located in an exclusive area of Nusa Dua with a mesmerising Ocean View. The layout was inspired by the terraced rice padi concept. Every villa is built in layers following the contour of the land enabling guests to enjoy the ocean view. The harmoniously interlacing layers of villa accommodation amidst tropical landscape, tranquil ponds, and unparalleled Ocean View provides the ultimate island getaway for travellers.

The Lobby area called “Residence” is designed with a high ceiling and glass wall to maximize the surrounding Ocean Views. Residence was designed to allow guests to arrive and be welcomed with the best view and tropical feeling.

Living Room, a retreat offering a library, lounge and restaurant, is a casual mixed-use space of comfort and design. Located in the Residence building, Living Room is a peaceful all day haven to relax in. Tastefully decorated and equipped with finest quality furnishings such as special veneer and custom order fabrics; exquisite authentic collectible art pieces elegantly complete the whole look.

The cosy tropical villas feature a minimum of 505 sqm area to the largest one being 3300 sqm ranging from one to six bedrooms. Adopting the traditional Balinese House layout where every section of the house is not under one roof; the pavilion provides an inviting outdoor living space complete with a Hydrotherapy swimming pool and spacious garden with direct views to the Ocean. The spacious bedroom offers total privacy with sense of space. The bathroom receive ample of natural lighting, and complete an out-door and in-door shower as well as luxurious Jacuzzi tub.