The island of Lombok, twenty minutes flight east of Bali or 2.5 hours on a speedboat across the Lombok Strait, is a hidden, unpolished jewel traditionally overshadowed by the fame of its neighboring island. Very few know about its magical serene beaches, long idyllic stretches of white sand; long and slender, wind-bent palm trees with whispering leaves…

Hotel Tugu Lombok is located on the pristine, miles and miles of virgin white sand beach of Sire, on the northwest coast of the island. Neighboring this tropical haven is a beautiful 18 hole-golf course and virgin landscapes, traditional thatched roofed huts and empty green fields where local life continues in today’s age much the same as it has done for centuries. The Hotel Tugu Lombok land comprises of approximately six hectares of mature palm plantations, facing the open ocean and the sunrise of Mount Rinjani (the second highest mountain of Indonesia and popular amongst adventurous hikers for its breathtaking views).

For golf enthusiasts, the island has two masterfully designed golf courses which offers a unique, challenging and world class experience for golfers of all levels. Meanwhile, 20 minutes on our private boats, visit The Gilis, three small coral-fringed islands, each with superb clear water, coral reefs and brilliantly colored fish.

Carrying the Tugu signature in its mission, style and atmosphere, Hotel Tugu Lombok stands as a monument for the forgotten history, art and romance of ancient kingdoms, where at the same time provides heavenly tropical luxuries like no other resorts do. Hotel Tugu Lombok features hundreds of original, beautiful artworks and antiques painstakingly collected and assembled as a loving testament to the long forgotten, original culture of the isle of Lombok.


Sang Hyang Nirvana and Sang Hyang Jagatnata, the spirit of Hotel Tugu Lombok always brings our souls and imagination to the times of the heavenly gods from the ancient Indonesian Hindu legends (Sang Hyang), where spiritual silence is only disturbed by melodious whispers of the four winds and caresses of the waves. It is only at Hotel Tugu Lombok, we can leave our worldly troubles completely behind, as we close our eyes and fantasize about Nirvana and Jagatnata, the supreme tranquility. In our minds, we become the main actors in the dance of the heavenly leaves, smiling and stealing glances to the waves, the sun and the moon of another era of the past, once upon a time. As dream fuses with reality, the results are the two beachfront villas: Sang Hyang Nirvana and Sang Hyang Jagatnata. With 400m2 of gardens that can host private functions and 15 meter long pool fronting the sea, spacious sundecks, and decorated with beautiful Indonesian antiques and artworks, these two villas are fronting the white sand beach and situated just a few meters from the sea.